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SAW Resonator Cuts Volume For Automotive Applications

The SARCC series surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator is 45% smaller in area and 30% smaller in volume compared to the company's conventional resonator products. It comes in six different oscillation frequencies ranging from 304.30 to 434.15 MHz. Initial frequency tolerances include ±50 kHz, ±75 kHz, ±80 kHz, and ±100 kHz. The SARCC resonator measures just 3.0 by 3.01 by 1.15 mm and weighs 32 mg. It targets remote keyless entry and tire-pressure monitoring applications. Thanks to its considerable size reduction, this SAW resonator is offered in the same package as SAW filters used in portable phones. Additional frequencies will be added on an on-demand basis. All SARCC resonators have a lead time of 10 weeks. Pricing depends on resonator frequency and quantity ordered. The SARCC devices cost less than $1 each.

Murata Electronics North America Inc.
www.murata-northamerica.com; (770) 436-1300

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