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Sealed LVDT Position Sensors Now Available In Metric Versions

The company now offers a metric version of its 24V DC-LVDT hermetically sealed position sensors, the stainless steel HSE/HSER 750 series measuring 19-mm in diameter. In addition to the sealed housing, the sensor’s coil windings are sealed to IEC standard IP-68 and the housing, bore liner, and end washers are TIG welded, providing a hermetic seal. Single-ended LVDTs, HSE Series 750 units terminate through a sealed axial connector that prohibits the core from passing completely through the coil assembly. Electrical termination for the HSER Series 750 DC-LVDTs is via a sealed radial connector located near one end. The radial connector offers a through-bore design that permits access to either ends of the core for mechanical support, core guidance, and easier cleanout. Both series deliver a 0 to10 Vdc output and are available in ranges of 2.5 mm to 500 mm. Other shared features include a repeatability error of less than ±0.01% of FSO, a hysteresis error of less than ±0.01% of FSO, maximum linearity error of less than 0.25% of FSO, and an operating temperature range from -20°C to +85°C. MACRO SENSORS, Pennsauken, NJ. (856) 662-8000.


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