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Sealing Materials Enable Optimal Aircraft Interiors

Sealing Materials Enable Optimal Aircraft Interiors

Meeting critical design, application, and safety specifications, the company’s range of both extruded and molded silicone sealing technologies address a number of aircraft-interior applications. Reportedly, these technologies guarantee interior components are watertight, airtight, and light-tight. They also offer abrasion and friction resistance through the implementation of fabrics and proprietary coatings. According to the company, it can provide critical connections solutions developed with advanced materials to component suppliers for inclusion in galleys and monuments, and finished components directly to aircraft manufacturers. Employing a five-step process to develop and manufacture custom connections that support aircraft performance and strengthen the customer brand, solutions include highly-specialized precision seals and interior parts for galleys, cabin baggage bins, toilets, emergency exits, dampening plates, crew rest grounds, and furnishing panel seals. For further information, For further information, contact Ray Pace at SAINT-GOBAIN PERFORMANCE PLASTICS, INC., Akron, OH. (330) 798-6945. 


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