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Security Fastener Guards Against Theft

Designed specifically to give the utmost protection from theft and vandalism, UNIQZ is said to be the ultimate security fastener. An affordable, practical solution for loss-prevention applications in the electronics industry, the product has the benefits of a combination lock in the head of a screw. A patented three-sided, recessed head design is custom-fabricated and licensed to individual users. Each side of the head has the potential for 20 different degrees of angle and 20 different depths of recess. This number amounts to more than 16 million unduplicated driver configurations, said to be more than a front door key. These fasteners employ a specialized screw driver bit, or key with each bit having its own unique, 12-digit combination code. The user inserts the key into the head of the screw and twists it until the combination matches and falls into place. Unlike standard tamper-resistant fasteners, these bits cannot be obtained in hardware stores. Pricing ranges from $0.38 to $1.26 each/2,500.


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