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See-Through Touch Panels Won’t Hamper LCD Users

The FID-554 series resistive-film touch panels provide 85% transparency for LCD applications. A proprietary, anti-reflective coating decreases light reflection from both glass and film to 15%, resulting in higher transmissivity, contrast, and color clarity. They're available in 0.7-, 1.1-, and 1.8-mm glass thicknesses with a 3H minimum surface hardness rating. Compatible with standard controller and device drivers, the touch panels feature a minimum writing life of 100,000 words and an operating range of −30°C to 70°C. They're offered as a semi-custom product in a variety of sizes and suit both pen and finger input. Available immediately, the FID-554 devices cost between $15 and $90 each in OEM quantities with a lead time of 12 to 16 weeks.

Fujitsu Components America Inc.; (800) 380-0059

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