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Self-Clinching Fasteners Resist Rust

Tailored for flush-mount deployment where corrosion is a concern, the SpotFast stainless steel, self-clinching fasteners permanently mate two metal sheets to create a flush-attachment connection without protrusions on either side. Serving as alternatives for rivets or welding, the components also exhibit a rotational capability that allows one fastener to act as a hardened pivot point. The Type SFP fasteners, made of precipitation-hardened stainless steel, support steel sheets as thin as 0.8 mm with a hardness of 88 or less on the Rockwell B scale. They can attach metal sheets too thin to weld, sheets of unequal thicknesses, or join dissimilar metals unsuitable for welding. Acting as a pivot point, the top sheet rests between the head of the fastener and the lower, non-rotating sheet. Hence, the top sheet is able to rotate freely. Additionally, the fasteners are RoHS-compliant and available in a variety of head diameters and sizes. PENNENGINEERING, Danboro, PA. (800) 237-4736.


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