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Self-Clinching Locknuts Keep A Tight Ship

Self-Clinching Locknuts Keep A Tight Ship

Preventing mating hardware from loosening due to vibration or other factors, the the company's array of self-clinching locknuts includes a variety of types and with different locking-feature styles. They integrate a nylon hexagonal element to create a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread lock that eliminates possible galling and any need for lubricant. The TRI-DENT locknuts achieve prevailing locking torque using an indenting process that deforms the top thread while PEMFLEX locknuts feature two rugged, semicircular flexing jaws that prevent loosening of mating hardware in especially severe service applications, and miniature locknuts and floating types develop prevailing locking torque through a process that elliptically squeezes the tops of the fasteners.  For more details, call PENNENGINEERING, Danboro, PA. (800) 237-4736.


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