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Self Clinching Micro Pins Fortify Compact Assemblies

Self Clinching Micro Pins Fortify Compact Assemblies

The PEM self-clinching micro pins are viable contenders for positioning and alignment applications in compact electronic assemblies. The components are available with diameters as small as 1 mm and in lengths as short as 2 mm. They are permanently installable into stainless steel or other sheet materials as thin as 0.5 mm with a hardness up to HRB 92 (Rockwell “B” scale) or up to HB 195 (Brinell). The pins clinch permanently into place by pressing them into a proper-size mounting hole using a punch and anvil. Their chamfered ends allow for easy mating-hole alignment and, upon installation, the pin’s head mounts flush with the host panel to promote a smooth appearance. Additionally, automatic installation is an option to speed production and eliminate handling of small parts. PENNENGINEERING, Danboro, PA. (800) 237-4736.


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