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Self-Lock Connector Suits High-Density Apps

A new cable assembly, equipped with self-locking ZMA coaxial connectors, has been designed for military and aerospace applications. The self-locking mechanism feature of this bayonet-type connector eliminates the axial movement normally found in BNC connectors, while retaining the BNC’s easy quarter-turn installation characteristic. The ZMA offers significant advantages in high-vibration environments by giving the connector the mechanical stability of a threaded coupling nut, and the quarter-turn mating is highly beneficial where connector density is high or installation space is minimal. The ZMA improves phase noise performance, and achieves a 10-dB gain in RF shielding by eliminating interface misalignment typically caused by cable weight down-force on the connector back shell end. Connectors may be keyed with three and four lug patterns to create distinct mating patterns for each signal path. Outer construction is passivated stainless steel. Integrated silicone gaskets seal out moisture when the ZMA is in mated position. Operating temperature range is –65°C to +200°C. SEMFLEX INC., Mesa, AZ. (800) 778-4401.


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