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Sensitive Photo Detector Stands On CMOS Technology

The TEKS6400 photo detector with logic output combines the efficiency of CMOS technology with the high performance of the company's Photo-Schmitt-Trigger standard. The device provides low power consumption and a low supply current of 45 µA. Its supply voltage ranges from 2.5 to 5.5 V, gearing it toward battery-driven equipment applications. Maximum output current measures 20 mA, and maximum power dissipation is 50 mW. It operates from −40°C to 85°C. The TEKS6400's spherical side-view lens provides a ±30° angle of half-sensitivity. It's designed to serve as a steering angle encoder for ESP in automotive systems and as an optical shaft encoder and transmissive or reflective sensor in such end products as printers, copiers, and cellular phones. The photo detector comes in a plastic package measuring 5 by 5 mm with a height profile of 2.65 mm. In 100,000-unit quantities, the TEKS6400 starts at $55 per 100 pieces.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
www.vishay.com; (203) 445-5501

TAGS: Automotive
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