Sensor Brings High-Speed HD Video Recording To Smartphones

Sensor Brings High-Speed HD Video Recording To Smartphones

The T4K82 13-Mpixel back-side-illumination (BSI) CMOS image sensor gives smartphones and tablets the ability to record full HD video at 240 equivalent frames/s. Previously, high-speed video recording resulted in underexposed images with short exposure times, making it difficult to increase the frame rate.

Toshiba Electronics Europe integrated its Bright Mode technology to boost image brightness by up to a factor of four. Bright Mode technology secures double the exposure time by adopting interlaced video output rather than the progressive output used by standard CMOS sensors. Bright Mode also employs charge binning, which doubles the electrical charge of each pixel. In addition, the company incorporated an interlace-progressive conversion program that enables high-quality progressive video with low image deterioration, without changing the frame rate.

The T4K82 maintains a pixel pitch of 1.12 µm, satisfying the 1/3.07-in. optical format. Recommended module size is 8.5 by 8.5 mm. A novel low-power circuit design reduces power consumption to 82% of that of its predecessor, the T4K37.


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