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Sensor Elements Replace Position Sensors

The 98E series sensor elements are reported to be durable, low-cost alternatives to packaged potentiometers in applications where size, efficiency and cost are critical considerations. The sensor elements incorporate a potentiometric element consisting of conductive plastic on a substrate and a contact set directly into the mating assembly. This design eliminates the redundant packaging associated with rotary and linear position sensors.
The sensor elements are available in rotary and linear configurations with a dither life of up to one billion cycles. Operating temperatures range from -55°C to 250°C and resistance ranges from 1 kiloohm to 100 kiloohms are available. Other features include infinite resolution, a linearity of ±0.5% to 3%, and an electrical travel of 0.1" to 40".

Company: BEI TECHNOLOGIES INC. - Duncan Electronics Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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