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Sensor Film Minimizes Defects In Wafer Bonding

Pressurex, a surface-pressure-indicating film, promises to be a quick, accurate, and economical way to detect and correct pressure variations that can result in defects in the wafer-bonding process. Sandwiched between contacting surfaces, it instantaneously and permanently changes color in direct proportion to the actual pressure applied. It is viable in virtually any application where two surfaces contact each other including materials testing, composite layup, fuel-cell stacks, heat sinks, PCB lamination, clamping, bolted joints, heat sealing, converting, die extrusion, and injection molding. Pressurex systematically measures pressure across an entire pressure plate. It is a Mylar-based film containing a layer of tiny microcapsules. Applying force upon the film causes the microcapsules to rupture, producing an instantaneous and permanent high resolution topographical image of pressure variation across the contact area. Additionally, the film’s thickness, 4 or 8 mils, enables it to conform to tight spaces. Pressurex measures pressures from 2 to 43,200 PSI.  For a free sample in a particular pressure range, contact Sensor Products Inc., Madison, NJ. (800) 755-2201.

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