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Sensor Measures Dynamic,Quasi-Static Force In Three Directions

The 260A01 ICP 3-Component Force Sensor simultaneously measures dynamic or quasi-static force in three orthogonal directions. Built-in microelectronics convert the high-impedance charge to a low-impedance voltage, eliminating the need for costly charge amplifiers as well as low-noise cables. Each sensor is built with three quartz elements. This construction yields long-term stability, high stiffness of 10 lb/µin. in the z-axis (4 lb/µ>in. in the x- and y-axis), and an operating range of 1000 lb in the z-axis (500 lb in the x- and y-axis). The sensor provides a voltage output of 2.5 mV/lb in the z-axis and 10 mV/lb in the x- and y-axis. It costs $2750 each with delivery in four weeks.

PCB Piezotronics Inc.; (888) 684-0004

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