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Sensor Offers Web-Based Monitoring

Sensor Offers Web-Based Monitoring Remote monitoring of temperature and other physical environmental characteristics just got easier with Newport Electronics’ wiSeries wireless sensors. This radio complies with IEEE’s 802.15.4 standard and transmits on one of 16 channels in the 2.4- to 2.483.5-GHz ISM band. The device uses direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and a star network topology.

Unlike most radios using this standard, the wiSeries runs at higher power (10 or 20 dBm) and can transmit up to 1000 m (3280 ft) without obstructions or significant interference. A wide range of temperature values can be accommodated according to the probe selected.

At the receive end of the wireless link, a monitor/controller device connects directly to an Ethernet network. This means users can monitor and record temperature, relative humidity, and/or barometric pressure over an Ethernet network or via the Internet without any special software—just their Web browser.

The wiSeries includes in two versions. A battery-powered version uses two alkaline D-cells that can last several years based on one reading per 2 minutes at 20 dBm. An ac version uses 110 to 230 V and includes a long-life lithium backup battery. Price, depending on the sensor selected, can run from $195 to $245.

Newport Electronicswww.newportus.com

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