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Sensor Tells Speed, Direction

The new SD Series of solid-state speed and direction sensors delivers two digital outputs, which indicate both the speed and direction of a ferrous geartooth target. The sensors are completely immune to dirt and grease and their rugged construction makes them impervious to vibration and shock.
Supplied with an open collector (sinking) output, the SD Series speed/direction sensors require no external electronics to further process the signal. Supply voltage can range from 4.75 to 24 Vdc. Maximum supply current is 17 mA.
The SD Series is capable of sensing various target shapes and sizes over a range of air gaps. The ideal target material is low-carbon steel. Suitable targets include gears, sprockets, chains and bolt heads. The sensors can detect movement of targets from thousands of Hertz to near-zero speed.
Pricing for the SD100201 series member is $41.69 each/500.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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