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Sensors Detect Only Non-Ferrous Materials

Employing a rugged, one-piece stainless steel barrel and a front face made of a plastic that is said to resist weld slag, scratching, pitting and abrasion, the NF-Series proximity sensors are designed to detect non-ferrous materials while ignoring ferrous types. For example, the sensors can spot aluminum, brass and copper while ignoring steel in material handling operations and food and beverage processing facilities. The sensors have a 12-, 18- or 30-mm diameter body and a repeatability of ±2% of rated operating distance. And they can operate using a 10-30 Vdc power supply and are available with NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) normally-open outputs. Price begins at $86 each. For more information, contact TURCK INC., Minneapolis, MN. (800) 544-7769.

Company: TURCK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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