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Sensors Enable Accurate And Fast Color Measurement

Sensors Enable Accurate And Fast Color Measurement

Bridging the gap between three-range sensors and spectral measurement devices, the MMCS6 color-sensor family enables color measurement with seven spectral characteristics in the range of 380 to 780 nm that can be taken on the basis of spectral estimation. The evaluation of a color is based on the radiometric level, meaning the initial result is not the chromaticity coordinate but the spectrum of a color. Components are available with RGB or XYZ interference filters for fast and long-term stable color detection and absolute color measurement to the CIE/DIN5033 standard. The spectral characteristics of the MMCS sensors are arranged so that their border areas overlap, therefore only as few gaps as possible exist in the visible spectrum. Misleading interpretation of the colors is thus minimized and measurement accuracy increases. MAZeT GMBH, Jena, Germany. +49 3641 2809-0.

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