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Sensors Provide Web/Edge Detection And Position Feedback

Sensors Provide Web/Edge Detection And Position Feedback

The EdgeMaster family of photoelectric sensors promises a higher level of performance and reliability to the detection and monitoring of web edges or object edges. Available in a variety of package sizes, the sensors come in four types. The BAV MA series with a fixed dual optical axis edge detection design provides two independent discrete outputs to show edge position change. The BGL C series is a photo array sensor that gives a proportional analog output or dual discrete outputs based on the amount of light blocked by the edge of the material inside the sensors’ viewing area with a resolution of .08 mm. The BOL 27 sensor projects a 150-mm line of light over an edge against a reflective tape to provide an analog and discrete output for accurate position feedback. Lastly, the BGL 21 provides contrast mark or label detection in high speed web based applications. Balluff Inc., Florence, KY. (800) 543-8390.


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