Electronic Design
Servo Amp Accepts 20 To 100 Vdc Input

Servo Amp Accepts 20 To 100 Vdc Input

Measuring a meager 7.62” x 5.2” x 1”, the Model MMP-1525-BR-24V dc servo amplifier accommodates any regulated dc input ranging from 20V to 100V. Output is up to 15A continuous and 25A peak for 1s, resulting in a 2.5-kW peak power capacity. A ±10V analog command is scalable for up to a ±35 Vdc command. An accessory package comes with the amp that includes a connector and pins for creating a custom inter-connect. The standard design is equipped with analog tach feedback for closed-loop velocity servo apps. MIDWEST MOTION PRODUCTS, Watertown, MN. (952) 955-2626.

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