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SFP+ Assembly Provides Alternative To Fiber-Optic Modules

Groomed for high-performance computing enterprise networking, and network storage markets, the company’s SFP+ copper-cable assemblies promise a more reliable, efficient, and economical alternative to fiber optic modules for transmitting 10-Gb/s data at distances up to 25m. The assemblies comply with the SFF-8431 standard while exhibiting low jitter, low latency, and a maximum signal eye opening. Via a proprietary PTFE dielectric, they achieve a smaller cable size for a given conductor or a larger conductor in a specific twin-axial diameter. The cables are completely RoHS-compliant and the connector features a high-performance, low-loss RF material to reduce dielectric loss and provide a higher degree of impedance control through the link as well as lower crosstalk when compared to lossy FR-4 designs. W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES INC., Elkton, MD, (800) 638-5300.


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