Electronic Design

Shielded SMT Inductors Hold Down EMI Problems

Designed for use in power-conversion products, the SMI series surface-mount power inductors create little electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to their shielded construction. They provide power-handling capability up to 9.8 A with operating frequencies up to 2 MHz. Inductance ranges from 1.2 to 1000 µH. The SMI inductors have a dc resistance range from 0.007 to 1.82 ‡ and operate from -25°C to 80°C. They're compatible with vapor-phase and infrared reflow-soldering processes. In 50,000-unit quantities, the inductors typically cost $0.27 each or less. Lead time is from stock to two weeks.

Coil Winding Specialist
www.coilws.com; (714) 547-4446

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