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Shielding Gaskets Come As Gel

Capable of wetting and sealing a surface on contact, dBseal gel gaskets are designed to provide shielding against high levels of EMI, long-term protection against galvanic corrosion, and electrical grounding in a wide variety of gasket applications. The material's conformability keeps electrolyte away from the metal-to-metal interface, inhibiting corrosion by preventing formation of a galvanic cell that can cause corrosion. dBseal sheet gaskets consist of a Monel mesh (60 mesh or 30 mesh) impregnated with either a high-performance silicone or a fluorosilicone gel. The conductive Monel metal mesh is an alloy of nickel and copper. The sheets come standard in 7" x 8" or 7" x 15" sizes. Custom-cut lengths, shapes and sheet sizes are also available. The gaskets span a -40°C to 125°C temperature range for silicone gels and -40°C to 150°C for fluorosilicone.

Company: RAYCHEM CORP. - Electronics OEM Components Division

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