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Shielding Kits Comply With Latest VXI-1 Spec

Shielding Kits Comply With Latest VXI-1 Spec

The company’s latest C-size VXI Module Shield Kits comply with the recently approved Revision 4.0 of the VXI-1 specification. Designed for the older 96-pin connectors as well as for the new 160-pin connector approved for VXI modules using a 64-bit data bus,  they employ a clam shell type design that surrounds the printed circuit board with RFI proof shields.  Each kit includes the circuit side and component side shields, a blank front panel with ejectors, and all necessary hardware to assemble a VXI module.  The connector shrouds are removed to accommodate the wider 160-pin connectors. Kits are available in single-, dual-, and triple-slot versions. Pricing for the single-slot kit is $250, the dual is $335, and the triple is $580. ICS ELECTRONICS, Pleasanton, CA. (925) 416-1000.


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