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Si PIN Photodiodes Eye Optical Fiber Applications

Well-suited for use in a variety of optical fiber applications, the S7911 and S7912 Si PIN photodiodes have response speeds of 2 GHz and 1.5 GHz, respectively, at a reverse voltage of 2V. They are said to provide excellent performance over their 320 to 1,000 nm spectral response range. The S7911 has a terminal capacitance of 0.45 pF and the S7912, 0.85 pF. Both devices have a typical photo sensitivity of 0.47 A/W at 740 nm, a dark current of 1 pA, and an operating range from -40°C to 100°C. Active area is 0.1 µm for the S7911 and 0.2 µm for the S7912. Available in a three-pin TO-18 package, the S7911 and S7912 are priced at $15 and $11 dollars, respectively, in OEM quantities.


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