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Signal Conditioner Specializes In MCU-Based Sensor Systems

Integrating diagnostics and one-shot calibration the ZMD31014 keeps resistive bridge sensors working properly in microcontroller (MCU) based systems. The device employs a 14-bit, low-noise ADC and digital logic for second-order error correction of temperature offset, drift, and non-linearity. It also consumes 40% less power than previous versions, featuring an operating current as low as 150 µA and a standby current of less than 2 µA. On-chip diagnostics include a bridge-connection check and bridge short-circuit detection, allowing the MCU to continuously test the entire sensor system. Other features include a 32-bit programmable ID field that allows customization of sensor modules for specific purposes. For example, it can determine if the correct sensor is attached to a system, or to uniquely identify each system in the field. Sampling now, production quantities will be available in the second quarter of 2008. ZMD AMERICA, Melville, NY. (631) 549-2666.


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