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Silicon ESD Protectors Go Both Ways

Silicon ESD Protectors Go Both Ways

In standard 0201 and 0402 packages, respectively, the SESD0201P1BN-0400-090 and SESD0402P1BN-0450-090 silicon-based, ESD-protection devices offer bi-directional operation, which facilitates placement on the PCB without orientation constraints and eliminates the need for polarity inspection. Unlike conventional ESD diode packaging using pads on the bottom, the ChipSESD devices’ passive package also allows for easy solder inspection after mounting. Features include a surge rating of 2A under 8x20 µs surge, an ESD rating of 10 kV contact discharge, a leakage current of 1 µA maximum, and a response time of less than 1 ns. Prices for the SESD0201P1BN-0400-090 and SESD0402P1BN-0450-090 are $0.105 each/15,000 and $0.080 each/10,000, respectively. TYCO ELECTRONICS LTD., Menlo Park, CA. (800) 227-7040.

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