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Silicone Cables Enhance Motion-Control Systems

For high-performance motion-control applications, the Motion Series PLUS (MS+) flat power/signal cables integrate six power conductors and 20 signal wires in a flat cable measuring 0.8" x 0.2". The cables feature ultra-high-flex shielded wires and the company's glass-clear silicone encapsulation for increased flexibility, durability, and environmental resistance. They offer two options: integrated Teflon tubing for transmission of fluids or gases and a patent-pending StripMount integrated mounting aid. StripMount is a reinforced strip embedded in the cable that allows for quick and easy cable mounting, eliminating the need for cable management systems. The components are available in a single axis design, configurable for one, two, or three axes of servo motion. Other features include a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles and an operating temperature range from -65°C to +260°C. For further information, application assistance, and pricing, call CICOIL CORP., Valencia, CA. (661) 295-1295.


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