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SimTouch control panel interface to be used in BSH warming drawer

White Electronic Designs Corporation (WEDC) announces a SimTouch design win with Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH). SimTouch is being used as the control panel interface for a next generation Thermador warming drawer. This is in place of a capacitive switch array that could not meet environmental requirements and cost targets. “In providing SimTouch, WEDC has detected increasing customer interest in light actuation force switches,” said Wayne Parkinson, vice president of business development for White Electronic Designs Corporation. “SimTouch meets the need to integrate elegant user interfaces in next generation product designs.” SimTouch keypads are designed to create the light touch of capacitive touch switches at a fraction of the cost. Using WEDC’s innovative conductive ink switch technology, SimTouch keypads enable designers to create user interfaces limited only by their imagination. Light actuation force switches have become a characteristic of elegant product design, thereby creating competitive advantage. WEDC has received approval from Underwriters Laboratories for use of the UL mark on all SimTouch keypad products. SimTouch UL approval can be referenced under UL File # E156070. WEDC views SimTouch technology as a critical element as part of the expansion of WEDC interface solutions. Effectively integrating numerous tactile, visual, audible and usability technologies allows WEDC to satisfy customer demands for complete interface solutions.

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