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Single Nozzle Delivers Force Of 30

Single Nozzle Delivers Force Of 30

Engineered to maximize airflow and force while reducing air use and noise, the Large Super Air Nozzle emits 23 lbs. of blow force at 12” away from the target. This translates, according to the company, to 30 times the force of standard air nozzles. At 80 PSIG, air consumption is 460 SCFM. Sizes are also available with forces ranging from 8.1 ozs. to 15 lbs. and air consumption from 8.3 to 300 SCFM. The nozzle installs on ordinary open pipe to cut air consumption and noise. Typical sound-level reduction is 20 dBA and the nozzle meets acceptable noise levels required by OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a) as well as standard 1910.242(b) for safe operation. Single-unit price for the Large Super Air Nozzle is $319. EXAIR CORP., Cincinnati, OH. (800) 903-9247.


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