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Single Point Sensor Measures Distance, Thickness

A CCD-based single-point sensor has been designed for tight and demanding industrial measurement applications. The SPR-04 single point sensor uses optical triangulation principles to deliver resolution of better than 0.0254 mm at rates up to 1,800 measurements per second. The unit’s small size—152 mm x 76 mm x 42 mm—offers a field-adjustable measurement range from 50 mm to 200 mm and allows for tight and exact industrial measurement applications without sacrificing accuracy. Resolution is better than 0.64 mm throughout the whole measurement range. Automatic power control of the laser compensates for differences in an object’s color or surface qualities. Software included with the device allows users to change such parameters as measurement range, voltage output, laser power and filtering. For more information, contact LMI TECHNOLOGIES INC., Southfield, MI. ((248) 359-2409.


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