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Single-Pole,Triple-Throw Switch Replaces Two SPDTs

Handheld devices, mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs, notebooks, and other portables can now take advantage of the FSA3357 single-pole, triple-throw (SP3T) CMOS analog switch. The single 3:1 multiplexer part replaces two single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) components in series. The FSA3357's on-resistance of only 6 Ω results in minimal signal attenuation. Signal integrity is ensured by 0.01% total harmonic distortion and a −60-dB crosstalk characteristic. Also, the switch's wide 250-MHz bandwidth and rail-to-rail signal handling guarantee fast clip-free transfer of analog and digital signals. The part's wide VCC range of 1.65 to 5.5 V makes it ideal for battery applications. Available in a US8 package, the FSA3357 costs $0.51 each in 1000-unit quantities. The part has a delivery schedule of four weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor
www.fairchildsemi.com; (888) 522-5372

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