Electronic Design

Slimline Fan Trays Boost Airflow

Verotech_0711-AUprated power supplies and software enhancements allow the latest versions of Verotec’s intelligent fan trays to operate at a higher max temperature of 70°C. Both the intelligent and standard versions increase airflow and lower noise thanks to a new computer-optimized aperture pattern that widens the open area in the protective guard above each fan by 75%. They’re designed to provide localized cooling of 19-in. rack-mounted or desktop equipment. The 48-V, 170- m3/h dc fan intelligent units come with autoranging ac and single or dual 48-V dc power inputs. They operate at half speed up to 35°C, linearly increasing to a maximum of 55°C. If the temperature exceeds 71°C, all fans increase to full speed and an overheat alarm is generated. Standard-unit fans operate from 12, 24, or 48 V dc, or 115 or 230 V ac. These 1U-high 115-V ac, 180-m3/h and 230-V ac, 160- m3/h fans run at a constant speed to provide maximum cooling at all times.


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