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Small And Large Models Added To Solenoid Line

Three new models have been added to the company's line of tubular solenoids, with the smallest size unit, the MED 7 X 1.19, measuring only 7/16" in diameter x 1.19" long. The other two solenoids, the MED 24 X 1.7 and 24 X 2.4, are both large size units that measure 1-1/2" in diameter and 1.7" and 2.4" long, respectively.
The MED 7 tubular solenoid has a housing that is said to be "hogged" out of a solid piece of steel to provide high operational precision. The MED 24 solenoids, by comparison, have a wrapped shell construction to achieve a cost-efficient design.
The solenoids are available in a range of standard dc voltages, as well as with custom windings with a minimum purchase. Prices for the new solenoids range from approximately $5.50 each/1,000 for the MED 7 X 1.19 model to about $8.00 for the MED 24 X 2.4 model.


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