Electronic Design

Small, Light Toroidal Cores Shrink Power Transformers

The O-Core toroidal power transformer cores enable the production of transformers that are 15% smaller in size and weight than traditional toroidal transformers. The cores use a silicon steel strip that is gradually pointed toward the end. As a re-sult, the cross section of the O-Core is circular like an o-ring, rather than square or rectangular like traditional toroidal cores. The devices are available in standard sizes for power ratings from 20 to 1200 VA with 50- to 60-Hz operation. O-Cores can also be customized. Pricing depends on power rating and quantity ordered. For example, the 100- and 1200-VA models are priced at $4.90 and $28.90 each, respectively, in 100-unit quantities.

Alpha-Core Inc.
www.alphacore.com; (203) 335-6805

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