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Small Rotary Solenoid Boasts Quiet Operation

Designed with a special laminate cover to reduce audible noise in automotive environments, the model 341 rotary solenoid reduces audible noise by up to 5 dB compared with an uncovered solenoid. The solenoid is aimed at office equipment applications such as photocopiers, printers and office automation equipment. It measures 1.34” in outside diameter by 0.87” thick, not including the leads and shaft. The solenoid develops a 5.6 oz-in continuous torque and a 43.7 oz-in peak torque at 10% duty cycle over a 25º movement. GEE PLUS INC., Elgin, SC. (803) 408-3009.

Company: GEE PLUS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Automotive
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