Smaller Sizes Upgrade Wearable Handheld Enclosure Line

Smaller Sizes Upgrade Wearable Handheld Enclosure Line

To keep pace with the ever-shrinking dimensions of many handhelds, OKW added six smaller “XS” models to its family of ERGO-CASE wearable enclosure systems. Each ergonomically contoured XS case consists of a top, base, and intermediate ring (plain, or with one eyelet or two eyelets for fitting the device to a lanyard, or wrist strap or belt), assembled with two self-tapping screws. The top part has a recessed area for mounting a membrane keypad or product label. Screw pillars in the top and location pillars in the base are provided for fitting printed-circuit boards and battery assemblies. The enclosures externally measure 3.22 by 2.20 by 0.94 in., and molded in ABS (UL 94 HB) in off-white or black. The intermediate ring consists of a gray soft-touch TPE elastomer. Applications include personal handhelds such as medical and wellness equipment, security devices, and dosage detectors.

OKW Enclosures Inc.

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