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Smallest Solid-State Relay Fits Into Portables Handily

At just 0.244" x 0.154", the CPC1035N OptoMOS solid-state relay is claimed as the world's smallest SSR. Consisting of a reliable 1 Form A device in a miniature four-pin DIP, the relay provides 1500VRMS input-to-output isolation with very low power consumption. In addition, it's FCC and VDE compatible and UL recognized. The machine-insertable, wave-solderable relay is available on tape and reel. Power handling is rated at 350V at 100 mA. The relay's combination of low power requirements, a robust isolation barrier, regulatory compliance, and small size make it a good candidate for communication applications such as telecomm switching and computer telephony. It's also suited for switching applications in a variety of modems from PCMCIA cards to pocket-sized organizers to fax machines, as well as for embedded modems in PCs.

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