Smart Motor Controller Wheels Into Automated Guided Vehicles

Smart Motor Controller Wheels Into Automated Guided Vehicles

Two 120-A dc motors in mobile robots, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), or other high-power motor-control applications can be driven directly with Roboteq’s XDC2230 intelligent controller. The controller’s two channels are able to operated independently or ombined to set the direction and rotation of a vehicle by coordinating the motors on each side (tank-like steering). Motors may operate in open- or closed-loop speed or position modes. Inputs include two quadrature encoders for precision speed and traveled distance measurement. The XDC2230 accepts commands from analog joystick, standard R/C radio, USB, RS-232, or CANbus interfaces. It incorporates a Basic Language Interpreter that’s capable of executing over 50,000 Basic instructions/s. The controller operates at voltages up to 35 V. Intelligent current sensing automatically limits the power output to 120 A in all load conditions. Other features include up to six analog, digital, or pulse inputs; and two 1-A digital outputs for activating light, valves, brakes, or other accessories. It comes in a 9- by 5.5- by 1.6-in. extruded aluminum case.


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