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Smart Sensor Translates Finger Hits Into Actions

Poised for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications from motion-activated interfaces to vibration monitoring, the LIS202DL digital-output, dual-axis linear accelerometer features click and double-click recognition, motion-detection/wake-up, and high-pass filters. The device reportedly makes it easier to associate simple tapping gestures with user commands such as opening a document or selecting an option from an application menu. Its configurable high-pass filters enable motion-activation functions and vibration monitoring regardless of whether the end product is at an angle or upside down at the moment of measurement. The motion detection/wake-up feature can cut power consumption in devices needing to be powered on or off while or after they have been touched or moved, i.e., remote controls. The sensor also provides two programmable interrupt signals that enable immediate notification of motion detection and click and double-click events. Available in a 5 mm x 3 mm x 0.9 mm LGA-14 plastic package, the sensor is available in ±2g and ±8g acceleration ranges. Pricing is $3 each/10,000. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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