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SMD Resistors Are Safe In High-Sulfur Environments

A series of surface-mount chip resistors delivers high reliability in high-sulfur environments. The RMCG family of resistors from Stackpole Electronics Inc. use gold as the inner termination material, effectively eliminating the use of silver. Most standard chip resistors have a relatively high amount of silver in their inner terminations, which can react with sulfur to form silver sulfite, a non-conductive material that creates an open-circuit failure. High-sulfur environments can vary greatly, and are prevalent in automotive and industrial applications. Other applications include medical electronics, aviation and aerospace, utility meters of all types, instrumentation, and many types of industrial controls. The RMCG series comes in sizes from 0603 to 1210, in resistance values from 10 Ω to 10 MΩ, in tolerances as low as 1%, and with temperature coefficients as low as 200 ppm. The series is RoHS compliant and offers a 0-Ω jumper for each size as well. The resistors are available on tape and reel in the standard quantity increments, with samples available in three to four weeks. Prices vary with size, resistance value, and tolerance. For more information, check out www.seielect.com.

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