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SMD Toroid Inductors Deliver Higher Current Handling, Smaller Size

Two new surface-mount toroid inductors, the SMT4015 and the SMT1803, were designed with microprocessor and distributed power applications in mind. As a shielded toroidal choke, the SMT4015 provides higher current-handling capability and improved electromagnetic-interference (EMI) performance. The SMT1803 high-efficiency, low-profile toroid delivers a very high current-to-power size ratio. The SMT4015 provides an inductance range of 1.0 to 250 µH at 1 kHz. The SMT4015 is specifically designed for power applications where higher currents are required, such as filters for dc-dc converters and switching-regulated power supplies. The SMT1803 features an inductance range of 0.47 to 100 µH at 1 kHz. Applications include cell phones and other handheld wireless devices, small drives, and PC cards. The SMT1803 typically costs $0.88 in single-unit quantities. The SMT4015 costs less than $4 each in similar quantities.

Gowanda Electronics
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