Electronic Design

SMT Chokes For Multilayer Circuits Lower DCR To 0.20 Ohm Up To 450 mA

The ICM-0805 and ICM-1206 suppress noise in USB 2.0, FireWire/IEEE 1394, low-voltage differential signaling, and other high-speed digital interfaces. The former has maximum dc resistance (DCR) from just 0.20 Ω up to 0.45 Ω at rated currents from 450 mA down to 280 mA and common-mode impedance ranging from 30 Ω to 370 Ω at 100 MHz. Maximum dc resistance for the latter ranges from 0.3 Ω to 1.2 Ω with rated current ranging from 370 mA down to 200 mA and common-mode impedance from 90 Ω to 2200 Ω. Samples and production quantities are available now. Lead time for production quantities is six to eight weeks. Pricing ranges from $0.23 to $0.27 for large-volume orders.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
(605) 665-9301

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