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SMT Crystals Occupy Little Space In Wireless Products

With maximum heights of 1 mm for the PQ Series, 1.25 mm for the PP Series and 1.3 mm for the PR Series, these three new lines of leadless, ceramic crystals are leading candidates for applications in compact wireless telecommunications and portable electronic devices. The SMT crystals offer footprints of 3.5 mm x 6 mm. For the PP and PQ Series, stability specifications are ±10 ppm over a temperature range of -20°C to 70°C. Frequencies are available up to 200 MHz. The PR Series offers a stability of ±30 ppm over the same temperature range with frequencies up to 100 MHz.The crystals offer fundamental modes of up to 45 MHz, which gives designers a high degree of flexibility in a variety of frequency control applications. Each series has a different solder pad configuration and is available on tape-and-reel.


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