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SMT Fuse Averts Fire In Freak Catastrophies

The FCC Series, a new line of very thin (0.6 mm) chip fuses having UL and cUL recognition, is made of inorganic materials, eliminating the potential for smoke or flame during freak electrical occurrences. Applications include cellular phones, laptops, modems, power supplies, battery circuits, battery chargers, and LCD drivers. The FCC Series' characteristics enable it to withstand high inrush currents, thus minimizing the possibility of the fuse prematurely opening on a system power-up. The FCC 20 line is rated at 0.5A to 2.5A in an 0805 package with an interrupt rating of DC50V, 50A. The FCC 32, also available for 0.5A to 2.5A service, is in a 1206 package with an interrupt rating of DC63V, 50A. The cost for 100,000 pieces of an FCC 20-501 taped-and-reeled is $150 per thousand. Delivery is stock to eight weeks. Data sheets and free engineering evaluation samples are available.

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