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SMT Fuse Withstands Lightning Surges Specified In FCC 47 Part 68

The SMP surface-mount, power-cross protection fuse was developed to ensure compliance with the Power Cross test requirements specified by UL 1950/60950 and Bellcore/Telecordia GR-1089 for tip and ring protection. The device further withstands lightning surges specified in FCC 47 Part 68.

It's rated for 500 mA and 1.25 A at 600 V ac and 125 V dc, respectively, and has a power-cross rating of 600 V ac at 2.2, 7, 40, and 60 A. Opening times range from four hours at 100% to 300 ms at 1000%. The SMP withstands A 500-A 2500-V 2-by-10 waveform with 40 repititions, and a 500-A 5000-V 2-by-10 waveform with four repititions.

The SMP is ideal for use in ISDN and analog telephones, fax machines, modems, answering machines, switching line cards, line test equipment, and PBX equipment. It may additionally be specified for use in a wide range of DSL, general-purpose, and primary and ballast protection applications. The device's surface-mount package measures 0.38 by 0.12 in. The SMP fuse is priced at $0.40 each in quantities of 10,000 and $0.28 each in quantities of 1 million.

Bel Fuse Inc.
(800) Bel-Fuse; www.belfuse.com

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