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SMT Magnetic Reed Switch Boasts High Sensitivity

The SR4J series of ultra-small, surface-mount magnetic reed switches is available for non-contact position sensing applications. These J-leaded devices are based on the company’s GR200 magnetic reed switch and measure 6.8 mm long and 2.41 mm tall. The external leads of the reed switch form a teardrop terminal-pad arrangement which preserves a greater portion of the initial magnetic circuit, thus enhancing the magnetic sensitivity of the sensor. The SR4J series boasts an initial maximum sensitivity range of 3/5 Ampere Turns (AT), and is available in a production range from 3 to 20 AT. In addition to being small and sensitive, the SR4J series sports a fast typical operating time of 0.2 ms and release time of 0.1 ms. They have a power rating of 1 VA maximum. A maximum switching current of 0.05 A dc is standard, as is a maximum carry current rating of 0.5 A dc. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125?C, the SR4J series is well suited for use wherever small size and sensitivity are required for non-contact position sensing applications. STANDEX ELECTRONICS INC., Cincinnati, OH. (513) 871-3777.


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