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SMT Oscillators Boast Of Very Low Profile

Spanning a 1 to 125 MHz frequency range for 3.3V types and 1 to 133 MHz for 5V versions, the 91SMOL oscillators have a 5 mm x 7 mm footprint and stand only 1.4 mm high. The timing devices also feature standard "always on" operation and are supplied with tristate or enable/disable functions. Frequency stability over temperature characteristics of ±25, ±50 and ±100 ppm are available with maximum symmetry of 45%/55% (48%/52% typical). Output for 3.3V types is CMOS 15 pF/2 TTL; output for 1-to-70 MHz 5V versions is CMOS 50 pF/10 TTL; output for 70-to-100 MHz 5V units is CMOS 30 pF/6 TTL; and output for 100-to-133 MHz 5V parts is CMOS 15 pF/2 TTL. The low-profile SMT oscillators come in commercial and industrial temperature range versions and are sealed in a ceramic seam welded package with gold-plated terminals. For more details, contact Andy Treble at EUROQUARTZ LTD., Crewkerne, Somerset, UK. 01460 230010.


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