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SMT Sensor Recognizes & Analyzes Colors

The S7505 surface-mount, three-color sensor consists of three narrow band filters mounted on a single, four-element detector chip. Providing distinct color separation for red, green and blue, the sensor is designed to handle color recognition and analysis assignments,
Measuring only 9.4 mm x 2 mm x 9 mm, the device's dark current is typically 10 pA and its sensitivity is 0.23 A/W at 460 nm for the blue filter, 0.28 A/W at 530 nm for the green filter, and 0.45 A/W at 660 nm for the red filter. Operating temperature range is from -10°C to 60°C.
The S7505 sensor can be used as a monitor diode in color printers and for performing color recognition in measuring instruments and color analysis of TV screens. Available from stock, the sensor costs $10 each/100.


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