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SMT TCXOs Meet Key Telecomm Stability And Power Criteria

By using a proprietary analog ASIC to compensate the output frequency for changes in temperature, taking into account up to sixth-order dependencies, a new family of miniature surface-mount, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) has been developed that achieve overall frequency stability well within the Stratum III specification of ±4.6 ppm over a 15-year lifetime at output frequencies up to 52 MHz. And in addition to occupying as little as 19 x 12 x 5 mm of space, CMT7000 series of SMT TCXOs can run from a 3V power rail, supporting use in battery-powered portable products- the oscillators can operate down to 2.7V.The TCXOs' crystal resonator is hermetically sealed in a metal capped case within the SMT package, providing a secure seal against contaminants that can affect stability. This enables aging effects of just ±1 ppm of frequency in the first year, or ±0.5 ppm in pre-aged devices.


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